Electronic I-9/E-Verify

 The Enterprise I-9 & E-Verify Solution


 Quick Search and Tracker I-9 Makes error-free I-9’s and E-Verify easier than ever

Quite simply, Tracker I-9 software streamlines your Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance. All the right steps are fully automated, so it’s practically foolproof to do perfect I-9s. A dashboard delivers the real-time I-9 intelligence you need at a glance. Managing, reporting and auditing are as easy and flexible as clicking, dragging and dropping. Tracker even provides the most painless process ever for transitioning from paper to electronic I-9s.

Here’s how Tracker virtually eliminates I-9 errors, workload and audit risks

  • Instantly checks errors as users complete the i9 form, helping ensure valid data entry, compliance and trouble-free E-Verify.
  • Automatically identifies deadlines for signatures, re-verification, tentative non-confirmations (TNCs), purging and more, and notifies users of next actions required.
  • Automates E-Verify batch submission, with configurable options per worksite.
  • Integrates HR-XML data from your employee records systems, including HRIS, payroll, and background screening, to pre-fill I-9s and speed a paperless transition.
  • Prevents over-documentation in Section 2 by automatically showing only the ID documents applicable to selected status.
  • Generates easily-personalized reports, simplifying I-9 management, self- auditing and 3rd party audits.
  • Encrypts and isolates your data at all times securely within your own database.
  • Provides remote hire tools, including secure email with one-time only login and notary-faxable barcode, letting you I9 new employees.


Flexible options: Tracker works the way you do

  •  Customizable interface and dashboard provide the data and reports you need at a glance, the way you choose to see them.
  • Centralizes I-9 management using reports and assigned roles, options and permissions—at the worksite and user level.
  • Allows multi-site employers selectively E-Verify where and when they want- even automatically via Auto Verify™ E-Verify batch submission.
  • Spanish language I-9 sample available for assisting users in completing the form.
  • Offers an on-premises database option that’s easily implemented, enabling enterprises to store data behind their corporate firewall.

Superior data security and privacy

Tracker I-9’s premium SaaS (software as a service) approach offers the highest level of data isolation, security and privacy possible. Your organization will have its own dedicated database. Unlike other I-9 SaaS vendors, we never co-mingle data from multiple customers. Data remains encrypted at rest and in transit. We maintain the highest possible standards for physical and network security, reliability and disaster recovery.

  • SAS 70 Type II certified
  • Certified 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Share the same data center as Google, Yahoo and Adobe
  • Bi-coastal nightly backup systems
  • Single tenancy
  • Enforced use of complex passwords and protocols


Technology, options and expertise to match your industry

Tracker I-9’s innovative, automated and easily-configurable compliance software makes the ideal solution for HR managers in medium and large organizations. The advantages are especially applicable to federal contractorsmandated by Executive Order 13465 to use E-Verify, universities and hospitals with their unique re-verification demands, multi-site employers who need to enforce consistent practices and assign permissions across worksites, high turnover Industries with a seasonal and re-hired workforces and remote hires or under age 18 employees.



  •  User-friendly, customizable interface Customizable permissions at worksite and user level Dashboard with “to-do” summaries
  • Automatic error detection and corrective steps
  • Dummy-proof Section 2 completion
  • Electronic signature with banking-level security Automatic re-verification tracking and reminders Automatic email alerts for critical due dates “Audit Exposure” tool
  • Remote hiring web-fax utility
  • AutoVerify™ automatic E-Verify batch submission
  • SSN checking and “no-match” letter
  • Easy, on-premises option for enterprise hosting
  • Automatic E-Verify case monitoring and alerts
  • Guidance for resolving Tentative Non-confirmations
  • Streamlined, pain-free implementation Excellent free training and customer support Report Wizard for custom reports and searches Self-auditing, audit trail and attorney audit tools
  • Attachments Wizard for scanned document support Simplified migration of historical I-9s including paper Automated purging of records per federal guidelines True single sign-on
  • Isolated database for each customer
  • Secure, data encryption at all times, at rest or in transit Nightly off-site back-up and recovery system
  • Professional services and legal expertise available


Remote hiring made easy!

Tracker I-9 software makes it easy to hire employees remotely who would otherwise have difficulty connecting with your HR department to complete the I-9 form. With Tracker, remote new hires receive an email with a unique link to complete a mostly pre-populated Section 1. Then they bring a printed copy to any local notary (or other employer representative) for document confirmation and have the hard copy faxed to the Tracker system (no remote system access required) where the record is automatically integrated into Tracker’s electronic I-9 system.

No other electronic Form I-9 remotely comes close

Until now, hiring employees remotely made it a challenge to complete an electronic I-9. By law, the notary who inspects Section 2 must also be the signatory for Section 2. That’s easy on paper, but how do you electronically capture that signature evidencing the inspection of the document?

You could have a notary overnight deliver the I-9, but then someone would have to do data entry to import it into an electronic system in order to E-Verify and take full advantage of the system’s reporting tools and functionality. Or, as with other I-9 software, you’d have to grant the notary or other agent access to your electronic system, which carries the risk of a security breach.

With its exclusive WebFax™ feature, Tracker I-9 software is the only solution that maintains Section 2 signature compliance but also captures and integrates all of the I-9 data electronically—without requiring additional data entry or granting remote access to your system.

Tracker’s Webfax system accommodates all employer representative types, whether they are a notary (most common and easily found), staffing company, or anyone else you designate, for completing the remote hire process.

Thanks to Tracker, new-hire in-person meetings are no longer required to have a compliant Form I-9.


What sets us apart from other vendors?

Unlike other vendors who offer form management tools, Quick Search and Tracker delivers a comprehensive Program Management Tool that automates your entire process, and provides role-specific tools to every level of your organization. This means that those who care about audit risk exposure or E-Verify TNC management have One-Click access to that data, trend analysis while those in the trenches have access to daily to-dos that address their specific concerns.



Tracker’s Customizable Dashboard displays home page modules that deliver role specific and configurable options. Kean team members who are responsible for your I-9 program at large, for example, may find the following data valuable:

  • Form I-9 Task Summary: One-click access to outstanding concerns company wide
  • Audit Risk Exposure Module: Measure of daily Audit Risk exposure through real-time measure of fine exposure using our Dashboard “Audit Risk Exposure” module, and One-Click access to cases putting your company at risk
  • Social Media “Hot Topics” Module: Deliver pertinent information to your managers fingertips including regulatory developments (like implications of government shutdown), YouTube I-9 coaching, blog access from our best practices manager, and more
  • Aggregate program analysis: Active monitoring of all systems affiliated with your I-9 program.



  • TNC, FNC Analysis: Manage E-Verify with One-Click access to TNC Analysis that highlights problematic trends involving specific documentation types, worksites or managers
  • E-Verify High Alert: Analyze E-Verify real-time Dashboard measure of TNC rates as well as “TNCs converted to FNC” rate with One-Click access to case detail
  • E-Verify Action Required: Manage E-Verify through One-Click access to next steps with active cases that include “Close-Ready Approved” cases, “Close-Ready FNC” cases, “Additional Verification Needed” cases, etc.
  • Program Announcements: Easily make announcements to all team members more



  • Section 1: One-click access to anyone who has not completed Section 1
  • Section 2: One-click access to anyone who has not completed Section 2
  • E-Verify: One-click access to anyone who has not completed E-Verify



  • Prohibits over or under documentation
  • Eliminates virtually all human error by associating issuing authorities to documents
  • Provides HR users with images to discern correct documentation
  • Delivers all pertinent additional detail to the user’s fingertips.

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